Nov 21 2012
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PlayStation Creates Memories I'll Never Forget

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It’s amazing how times can change, and yet we all fall back on something classic for entertainment. Movies get bigger, video games look impressive, and music has imaginitive ways. Yet to me it’s the experience behind the entertainment that really makes the experience worth remembering. I still remember getting my first and second PlayStation consoles all because of my Dad. From the very first glimpse of Vigilante 8 and Twisted Metal, I was hooked. Today I share the experience of Call of Duty and Uncharted with my little brother, while Metal Gear Solid has completely inspired my career.


My Dad always had to surprise literally everyone when it came to getting me video games. I was so young when I got the first PlayStation yet it’s a great memory because it has so much effect on my whole life. Its bulky silver design with Crash Bandicoot on the box, I had to have one and each goofy commercial made the want even more. I can’t remember the exact occasion, but my dad started his trend of buying me a PlayStation game as a present. I open up the wrapping, out pops Vigilante 8 a game I’m going to be playing for literally years. I was super excited until I read “PlayStation” on the side. I was sad because all I had was a Sega console, and no matter what it wouldn’t work on it. Then when we are almost done opening everything, my dad pulls out one last present. A big box, one as described above, slides out and video games are ever changed for me!   


He continued this trend with the PlayStation 2, this time it was for my birthday. I was opening presents and it was one DVD movie after another. I didn’t have a DVD player, I was still stuck with VHS, so I was a bit confused during this. Then it came, a PlayStation 2 game, Smugglers Run. This time the “PlayStation” wording didn’t catch me off guard, I figured it was for my PS1. I was excited no matter what because it is a video game after all, finished cleaning up the mess, and went to go play it. I go pop it in my PS1 only for it to not work. I study the box a little more only to be sad once again. “Dad you bought it for the PS2, so it won’t work….” I still remember my dad playing it off really cool, saying we will take it back and that he had to go get the receipt. Instead he comes back out with one more present, a PS2. This time even surprising my mom, before she finally says “now we can watch those DVD movies!”

I’m sure he would have done something similar with the PS3, but I created my own memories by standing in line and tallking with fellow gamers for the release. The cool thing is I can see him doing it with my brother, and can’t help but to remember being in his shoes. This year my dad bought him a PlayStation Vita for Christmas and it’s a big secret, so I’m excited to see the unveal. Let alone play with him online some more!


It’s memories like this that really connect me to games. I remember staying up all night every weekend playing video games with my dad. We got our hands on Metal Gear Solid, I was so young at the time, and yet the game has inspired everything I do.  I became a writer because of that game. I remember Medal of Honor nights, my dad would be playing the video games more than I did, but would occasionally toss the controller to me to figure something out. He would let me call out the enemies, or guide him before I fell asleep watching, and then he would wake up before I did to start playing again on Saturday. I remember my mother going to Gamers to rent Socom, and having to wait for days to get it before the special ordered my a copy. Buying extended controller slots so all our friends could play sports games, wrestling games, shooting games, the PlayStation had it all.


The coolest aspect of this is the ability to really relive a lot of these memories with the PS3 and Vita. If someone ever told me I would be playing PlayStation 1 titles on my Vita, I would have laughed and said keep dreaming. Yet here we are playing Uncharted Golden Abyss, and almost the entire lineup of PS1 titles in my hand! I even have Crash Bandicoot on my Xperia Play, and it’s amazing how much interest the game still gets from peeking eyes. With the PS3 I have PS1 AND PS2 titles, and yet Sony keeps churning out even more memories with games like Uncharted and Resistance.


 I don’t think I will ever not buy a PlayStation System because I want to keep making new memories, and reliving the old ones. I now have my girlfriend into gaming because she remembers the old games too, and loves playing Uncharted next to me. She gets really involved, and sometimes with PlayStation Move titles I never get my turn! It is my hope to pass on the experience I personally get from video games to others. It’s nice to see that standing in line for a launch PlayStation is worth it because the experiences you will receive will literally last forever, and Sony will ensure it happens. They have proven that to me with each console and handheld, and I thank them for it as much as I thank my family and friends.

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