Nov 08 2012
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Plants vs Zombies - Endless mode error?

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I just got to flag 40, expecting my trophy to pop, it did not. Then I left the game and checked the leaderboards, says I only made it to flag 36.


Anyone have a clue what happened?


I'm pretty upset, this is a hard thing to do, this is the first time I made it in like 10 trys.... any input from anyone else that had issues?

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Re: Plants vs Zombies - Endless mode error?

Nov 9, 2012

I have to disagree. Getting to level 40 is quite easy. Considering you have everything of course, which you should.... Anyway! Is 36 flags your best? I'm asking that, because maybe the leaderboard has the most recent high score, and since you're still working on your big next score, it won't register it... I think.


I believe this happened to me too. I think I let the zombies eat my brain once I passed flag 40 to get the trophy (I just didn't want to continue! lol).


In a nutshell... once you die AFTER the 40 flag mark, you should get it. I am 99% sure.


By the way, which method are you using?

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