Mar 06 2011
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Pitiful Download Speeds

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Hey guys,

Got a question that I know have been asked before because I have searched, but I think my problem is a little unique considering I have two Playstation 3's (mine and my fiancee's).

Her Playstation (Slim, 120GB) is upstairs, through concret walls, and a good, I don't know, 50 feet from the router. Mine (Phat, 80GB) is downstairs, in the same room, about 5 feet from my router, both are wireless connected.

I was going to download MLB11 The Show. After 3 hours and 3%, I gave up. Then, on Thursday the Map Pack for the worse game of the year came out, Black Ops. It took me from 6PM to 1AM to download them. It took hers 20 minutes. It took all of my friends 10~20 minutes as well, except one who lives out in the nolands and took him 6 hours.>

There is my speed test. Although whenever I do a test on the PS3, it is far less than that, I never done a test on my fiancee's, but considering her downloads are faster, I imagine hers is higher, but I can go up and look if required.

So yeah, basically just wondering what I can do to fix this issue.

On more thing, I just turned on Netflix for my neice to watch some cartoons. It took about 2 minutes for a 18MB update and took about 4 minutes to get past the Netflix loading screen.

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Re: Pitiful Download Speeds

Mar 6, 2011

Seems I didn't properly insert my speed data. Anyway it was

Down - 14.54 MB

Up - 2.44 MB

Ping - 42ms

The test was done on a wireless internet computer.

One more thing, whenever I am host for a game on Black Ops, just about everybody I play with, even across the country, has a good connection (I'm in Pennsylvania)

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