Oct 22 2012
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Petition for games in PS Store.

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I don't know if anybody have asked for it before but I and some of my friend really want to see some of the following games in the PS Store.  

These games are :

- Champions of Norrath : Realms of Everquest

- Champions Return to Arms 

-Baldur's gate : Dark alliance

-Baldur's gate : Dark alliance 2.


We mostly want the first two .

Hope Sony will upload these games at PS Store. Smiley Wink




You can write in the comments about games you want to see in PS store .

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Re: Petition for games in PS Store.

Oct 22, 2012

Sorry but petitions arent allowed on this website, if you want to make a suggestion be it for a game or something else the best place to request it is the via the PS Blogshare, link below, please also note that Sony does not rea dnor respond to questions, comments or suggestions via these Forums either.


P.S. Welcome to the PlayStation Community.


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