Jun 23 2012
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Persona 4 for vita

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Hi there.

I bought a ps vita a couple a months ago. Needless to say that right now... There is not a ton of game for me with vita

I just saw that game called Persona 4 the golden which seems cool to me but i dont know what this game is all about. I know its from atlus and its a rpg but nothing more.

Also, if i buy the game... will i be able to play the game without any probleme if i did not played the 1-2-3 ?

Thank you for your help, its appreciated!


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Re: Persona 4 for vita

Jun 30, 2012

I heard that you would get a better understanding of P4 storywise if you played P3 on the PSP or PS2 (I could be wrong).

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Re: Persona 4 for vita

Jul 1, 2012
You can play P4 without playing P3 or P2...they aren't direct sequels. P3 is awesome and worth a good playthru though.
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Re: Persona 4 for vita

Jul 3, 2012
I'm playing through P3 now and I love it. Never played anything like it. Definitely picking up P4
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Re: Persona 4 for vita

Jul 6, 2012

I feel like I'm one of the few people who didn't get sucked in by P3. I sank about 15-20 hours before deciding it wasn't for me. It definitely has solid mechanics and deep combat system, climbing the tower was cool and fun for a little bit but ultimately too repetive. I also did not get into any of the social/scheduling aspects during the day, I found that more cumbersome than enjoyable. And I love a big narrative to wrap my head around, that was obviously well done, but tying it so strongly to the "social" aspect of the game sapped out my enjoyment of it. 


I'm also a little OCD with the game and started using a guide b/c I was so afraid of missing stuff, but yea I stopped playing after deciding it wasn't the game for me. 


Anyone agree? I'm definitely open to give P4 a shot when it comes out, just rarely hear anyone who shares my opinion.

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