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Persona 4 Trophy Guide.

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Hello everyone. This is my own Trophy guide for Persona 4: Golden. I spent over 250 hours playing Persona 4 Golden and nearly everything here was written by me, but there are 2 links contained in the Guide. There is a link for a Guide to all the test answers for the Trophy "Head of the Class". There is also a link to a guide to help you max out all the Social Links for the "Legend of Inaba" Trophy.


If you know the Trophy you need help with just use ctrl + f to quickly locate that portion of the Guide. If there is no extra text associated with the Trophy then that Trophy is nearly impossible to miss such as the story related Trophies. Some will come in time with battle such as exploiting the weaknesses of enemies 100 times or entering a battle with the advantage.


Getting the Platinum Trophy is not particularly difficult. But it is time consuming. If you use a guide for maxing the social links which can be difficult if you're attempting to do the Mr. Perfect, Legend of Inaba and Compulsive Reader Trophies all in one play. Personally I suggest people play the game the first time their own way and work on polishing off Trophies on the 2nd run. If you do use a guide for maxing out your stats and social links you will still need 2 play throughs to get the Platinum Trophy and you can expect to put in at least 100 hours in doing so. Otherwise you could easily put in over 150 hours doing it on your own.


With that said, please enjoy!



Platinum.jpg Golden Completed - Earned All Persona 4 Trophies. - platinum.png


  • There are 50 Trophies in all. 1 Platinum. 3 Gold. 6 Silver. 40 Bronze.

A Prince Appears.jpg A Prince Appears - Rescue Yukiko Amagi.  trophy_bronze.png


A True Man's Stand.jpg A true Man's Stand - Rescue Kanji Tatsumi. trophy_bronze.png


The Lounge Is Closed.jpg The Lounge Is Closed - Rescue Rise Kujikawa. trophy_bronze.png


Game Over.jpg Game Over - Secure Mitsuo Kubo. trophy_bronze.png


Boarded Up Lab.jpg Boarded-Up Lab -  Rescue Naoto Shirogane. trophy_bronze.png


Return of the Angels.jpg The Return of the Angels - Rescue Nanako Dojima. trophy_bronze.png


Breaking Through Fog.jpg Breaking Through the Fog - Secure Tohru Adachi. trophy_bronze.png


  • Spoiler
    You must defeat Tohru Adachi. On December 3rd you will be told to save the game. This is the turning point. You will have the opportunity to confront Namatame in his room after what seems to be an escape or suicide attempt. You must choose the following 6 responses or you will get one of the bad endings. (There are couple of slight differences depending on what you do to Natame):
    1. "Wait a second here."
    2. "We're missing something."
    3. Namatame's true feelings.
    4. Something's bothering me.
    5. We're missing something...
    6. Calm the hell down.

 Welcome Back.jpg Welcome Back - Rescue Marie. trophy_silver.png


  • Spoiler
    You must have Marie's Social Link Maxed out before defeating Adachi. On January 2nd you will have an opportunity to visit all of your friends. Visit the Velvet Room and find out what happened to Marie. If you have maxed the Aeon Social Link and agree to rescue Marie, her bonus dungeon is unlocked on Feb 13.


Truth In Your Hands.jpg The Truth In Your Hands -  Defeat Izanami. trophy_gold.png


  • Spoiler
    To access Bonus Dungeon #2 you must be on the True Ending Path. This path requires you have reached Level 6 in the Jester Arcana (Tohru Adachi) prior to November 1. *Note* You do not have to have all Social Links Maxed out to get the True Ending. But you will need the Jester Arcana.* On March 20th you will be told to go say goodbye to all of your friends. Once this is done you will be given the option to return home. Do not go home. Instead return to Junes and click on the elevator. You will be given the option to go upstairs for one last look around. Your Persona friends will all return as well. You will open the letter from Adachi and you will figure out that there is something still not quite settled yet. When the event is done, go visit your Uncle Dojima and cousin Nanako at the Riverbank. Nanako will tell you about your first day in Inaba and mentions the Gas Station Attendant. Return to the Shopping District South and go inside of the Velvet Room. Speak to Igor and receive the Orb of Clarity key item. Then talk to the Gas Station Attendant to gain access to the last dungeon.


Fusion Expert.jpg Fusion Expert - Perform 50 Persona Fusions.trophy_bronze.png


Special Fusion Expert.jpg Special Fusion Expert - Use 4 or more Persona in a special fusion. trophy_bronze.png


  • During the night of July 10, Igor will 'summon' you while you sleep. He will inform you at this time that he is opening up more fusion possibilities. You will now be able to fuse Persona using 4 (Cross Spread), 5 (Pentagon Spread), and 6 (Hexagon Spread). If you are able to fuse Izanagi-no-Okami you will be able to access the 12 Persona Fusion (Dodecagon Spread) Almost all of your Social Link Persona will require 4 or more Persona to fuse. The easiest fusion would be the Star Persona Neko Shogun (Level 32) Requires: Ara Mitama; Kusi Mitama; Saki Mitama; and Nigi Mitama.
  • 2013-01-15-223245.jpg
  • 2013-01-15-223310.jpg


Nose Doesnt Know.jpg The Nose Doesn't Always Know - Experience a Fusion Accident. trophy_bronze.png


  • This might take several fusions to accomplish. Your best option is to always save before doing any fusions. If after you do all the fusions you can at one time you have not experienced an accident, just reload your last save. If you are working on maxing out the Persona compendium, you will experience this at least once.


Persona Shopper.jpg Persona Shopper - Buy a Persona from the Compendium. trophy_bronze.png


Favor For Marie.jpg A Favor for Marie - Register a Skill Card. trophy_bronze.png


Card Collector.jpg Card Collector -  Register 100 Skill Cards. trophy_bronze.png


  • This Trophy can take a long time, especially if you only rely on obtaining Skill Cards after battles. After you have access to Okina City you can visit Chagall Cafe. After your first visit to Chagall Cafe you will be able to obtain a skill card from the Persona you have equipped. The game will give you more information. However you can only receive a skill card from the Persona equipped and the skill must be available. i.e. in one of the 8 slots available during battle. If you have not yet learned the Skill you can not get the card.


Displaying Adaptability.jpg Displaying Adaptability -  Switch Personas 5 times in 1 battle. trophy_bronze.png


  • This is relatively easy to do. Make sure you have a couple of Personas to choose from. At the start of battle switch Persona. Cast Dia or another Buff. Put your teammates on Guard so that they don't kill the mobs you're fighting. After the 5th round of switching this Trophy should pop. If not keep switching. I am pretty sure you do not need to use 5 different Persona for it to count, but it will not hurt to use a different one for each switch.


Hardcore Risette.jpg Hardcore Risette Fan - Hear 250 of Rise's navigation lines. trophy_bronze.png


  • This Trophy is missable if you don't constantly analyze the monsters you are fighting. It also helps to change party members as well. Rise has different lines for each party member. Your strength (level) compared to what you are fighting also factors into what she will say. My suggestion is to play on Hard Mode or if you are on a 2nd play through, change the XP gain to less. This will keep you from getting over powered too quickly. Some people will get this on their 2nd play, but it can easily be done on your first play through in Persona 4: Golden. She has over 300 lines she can say.


Going Nova.jpg Going Nova - Deal over 1000 damage in 1 attack. trophy_bronze.png


  • Golden Hand monsters are the best ones to do this to. Nanako and Adachi's dungeons provide excellent places to do this in. Power Charge and Mind Charge are also big damage boosters. Power Charge + Heavy or Severe Damage Skill or Mind Charge plus Megidolan (or use the elemental weakness to your advantage with a Severe element skill like Niflheim or Ragnarok)


Skilled Commander.jpg Skilled Commander- Perform 50 All-Out Attacks. trophy_bronze.png


Tactical Fighter.jpg Tactical Fighter - Exploit enemy weaknesses 100 times. trophy_bronze.png


Fill Your Hand.jpg Fill Your Hand - Get 50 Sweep Bonuses. trophy_bronze.png


  • Take advantage of any cards that give you extra choices. These usually come with a drawback such as Half Experience or Half Money but you will get +2 picks. There is also a rare +4 card with no negative side effects.


Grasping At Greed.jpg Grasping at Greed - Defeat a Golden Hand. trophy_bronze.png


  • For the most part the Golden Hands are immune to Magic. Almighty magic such as the megido line works well. So do physical attacks and physical skills like God Hand.


Margaret.jpg One Who Has Proven Their Power - Defeat Margaret. trophy_gold.png


  • Spoiler
    • To start with you can not get this on your 1st play. You have to view the True Ending on the play prior. So you're looking at a minimum of 2 plays to get this.
    • Next, you have to fight all 6 optional side bosses before you defeat Tohru Adachi. This cost me a lot of time because I did not know this and was done with my 3rd play but thankfully I had a prior save to fall back on.
    • You must save Marie as well. So make sure the following social links are maxed out: Margaret and Marie. Make sure you have the Jester Link (Tohru Adachi) to rank 6 before November 1. You will get ranks 7-10 as the story progress past saving Nanako.
    • On March 20 talk to all of the people whose social links you have maxed out. When you're given the option to go home, choose "No." Go back to Junes, where everyone shows back up for another meeting. You'll get Adachi's letter. When the meeting is done, go to the Riverbank and talk to Dojima. Nanako will tell you about your first day. She will mention the Gas Station Attendant and that you looked like you were sick. Go to the Velvet Room and get the Orb of Clarity. After you exit, re-enter. Margaret will be by herself. She'll give you an invitation to fight her on the top floor of Heaven. Do not talk to the gas station attendant before entering the Velvet Room a 2nd time or you will not be able to talk to Margaret. If you can not enter a 2nd time, you failed somewhere along the line.

Reaper.jpg The Reaper Becomes the Reaped - Defeat the Reaper. trophy_silver.png


  • You have to fight the Grim Reaper. The best place to do this is in Yukiko's castle. I believe Floor 5 has 2 treasure chests. Left and Bottom. Floor 4 usually has 5 chests. Save your game before going in. Keep a mental count of all the chests you open. Once you hit 19 chests exit the castle, go back to the main area and save. Return to the Castle and go to Floor 5 (without opening any treasure chests on the way.) Open chest 20 and you should hear the chains rattling. Open the 2nd chest on Floor 5. If Rise does not give you a warning saying "Do Not Open" then reload and try again. Within 2 or 3 tries you should have the Grim Reaper. If you hear the chains before you hit a mental count of 20 then you know your chest count was off. Simply exit the Castle and start counting again. If you leave an area your chest count does not reset itself, but once you hear the chains (and leave, open a chest without the Reaper, open a gold chest or change floors, the count is reset then.)


Food Fighter.jpg Food Fighter - Finish Aiya's special dish. trophy_bronze.png


  • On rainy days Aiya's Diner has a special dish called "The Rainy Day Beef Bowl". You will need to have maxed out all 5 of your character's stats: Knowledge; Courage; Expression; Understanding; Diligence. If you don't have all 5 maxed out, eatiing this will raise some of your stats by a few points. See the Mr. Perfect Trophy for more information.


Compulsive Reader.jpg Compulsive Reader - Read all books. trophy_bronze.png


  • Spoiler
    There are 32 books in Persona 4. Most of which are obtained from the Book Store in the Shopping District South. There are a few that are directly quest related. Some are event specific such as getting a book from the sports club or hanging out with a girl at the festival.
    1. The Lovely Man                 4/20 Book Store
    2. Forever Macho                   4/20 Book Store
    3. Expert Study Methods      4/20 Book Store
    4. Beginner Fishing             4/20 Book Store
    5. Off Today                            5/6 Book Store
    6. Office Work Manual         5/6 Book Store
    7. The Gentle Way               5/23 Reward from Quest 18.
    8. Witch Detective                5/29 Reward from Sports Social Link Event. Basektball Path must be under rank 4. No Limit on Soccer Path.
    9. English Made Easy        6/1 Book Store
    10. Easy Oragami                  6/1 Book Store
    11. The Punk's Way                6/3 Reward from Quest 20
    12. Forever Macho                 6/11 Book Store
    13. 100 Ghost Stories             6/11 Book Store
    14. Catching Bugs                6/11 Book Store
    15. Short On Cash                6/28 Book Store
    16. Expert Fishing                 6/28
    17. Guide To Pests               7/3 Reward from Quest 34
    18. Man of History                  7/15 Book Store
    19. Home Gardening             7/15 Book Store
    20. Poly Land                          7/15 7/17 Strength Social Link Event. Go up to your room on 7/15 or you will not get the event on 7/17. Basketball Path Link must be under rank 5. No limit for Soccer Path. Tell Kou you are allergic to Math to receive book.
    21. Changing Careers             8/4 Book Store
    22. The O-cha Way                 8/10 Strength Social Link Event
    23. Picross Rules                   8/11 Reward from quest 40.
    24. The Divine Way                 8/21 Go to the Summer Festival with a girl.
    25. Man God                            8/24 Book Store
    26. Food Fight                          8/24 Book Store
    27. Sensei's Friends                9/20 Book Store
    28. Who Am I?                        9/26 Reward from Quest 45
    29. Farewell To Man              10/12 Book Store
    30. The Final Lesson               11/1 Book Store
    31. World Class Bugs              11/1 Book Store
    32. The Ramen Way -- Eat at Aiya's 8 times to obtain this book


Its Working Today.jpg It's Working Today - Buy an item from the Capsule Machine. trophy_bronze.png


  • The capsule machine is located in the Shopping District South in front of the drug store. It only works when it is raining outside. It costs 200Y and you can sometimes get a rare item from it.


Lucky Me.jpg Lucky Me! - Win a prize from the vending machine. trophy_bronze.png


  • To get this Trophy you have to buy from the soda vending machine located in the Shopping District North area by the liquor store. After each purchase you'll hear a sound similar to a roulette wheel spinning. Sometimes you will win another drink. Save before trying this just in case you buy all the soda that day without winning.


Granter Of Desires.jpg Granter of Your Desires - Buy 5 things from Tanaka's Amazing Commodities. trophy_bronze.png


Seize Moment.jpg Seize the Moment - Buy a special croquette from Sozai Daigaku. trophy_bronze.png


Cooking Gas.jpg Cooking With Gas - Make 5 perfect boxed lunches. trophy_bronze.png



  • Spoiler
    Any night that you come home and Nanako tells you that the fridge is full, you can spend the night cooking lunch for the next day. Here are a few of the days and choices you can make. (I recommend saving before cooking to be safe.)

    • 04/25 – Cut it into nice pieces
    • 05/12 – Simmer with drop lid
    • 05/31 – Use soy sauce instead
    • 06/29 – Skewer
    • 07/06 – Deep fry
    • 07/12 – Vanilla Extract
    • 07/14 – Potato starch
    You can also do this in January when Teddie is staying with you. Unlike Nanako, Teddie will try to help you by offering you 3 ingredients to help make lunch with.

    There is a side benefit to making lunches. The next day at school you can choose one of your school mate social links to join you for lunch. If you made a perfect meal you can gain bonus social link points with that person. Very useful for the Legend of Inaba Trophy.


Special Lady.jpg A Special Lady -Enter a special relationship with someone. trophy_bronze.png


Mr Perfect.jpg Mr. Perfect - Max out all social qualities. trophy_silver.png


  • This can be done easily on the first play. Personally I recommend going for the Compulsive Reader Trophy and Mr. Perfect Trophy on your first play through and work on the Legend of Inaba Trophy on your 2nd play. You can get all 3 Trophies in one play if you follow a guide. Read the books you get, eat at Aiya's and working the various jobs (such as folding oragmi or working as a janitor at the hospital) are all ways to raise your stats. Answering any questions the teachers ask you directly will help raise your Knowledge. Giving your classmates the answers will help out expression. Studying in the library or at home when it's raining will raise knowledge the most.


Other Self.jpg The Other Self - Obtain the Persona Izanagi. trophy_bronze.png


Power Of Truth.jpg The Power of Truth - Create Izanagi-no-Okami. trophy_silver.png


  • To obtain the key item to fuse Izanagi-no-Okami you must be on the True Ending path. (See The Truth In Your Hands Trophy for more information). You can not fuse Izanagi-no-Okami until the play after you obtain the key item as you get that item on the very last day in the last bonus dungeon. He is a level 91 fusion and all stats are 80.


Moderate Bookkeeper.jpg Moderate Bookkeeper - Register over 50% of the Compendium. trophy_silver.png


Thorough Bookkeeper.jpg Thorough Bookkeeper - Complete the Persona Compendium. trophy_gold.png


Fashion Plate.jpg Fashion Plate- Fight a battle in costume. trophy_bronze.png

Head Of Class.jpg Head of the Class - Rank #1 in your class on an exam. trophy_bronze.png


  • You can find a complete list of all the answers to the questions your teachers will ask you in class here: Test Answers. These answers also apply to the tests. Always save the night before you take a test, this way if you make an error you can reload and try again. Ranking #1 on a test will give you bonus social link points with every school link you have begun.


Fishing Master.jpg Fishing Master - Catch the Sea Guardian. trophy_bronze.png


  • Spoiler
    {This Trophy goes hand in hand with the Legend of Inaba Trophy. Catching the Sea Guardian is needed to fulfill the last Ema quest from the Hermit LInk the Fox.}Catching the Sea Guardian is not an easy task. There are several things you will need to do prior to being able to catch the Sea Guardian.
    • To begin with you will need a fishing pole. Starting June 4th there is a little boy in the Shrine area who will mention being thirsty or hungry. Fulfill his request to get a bug (Tatsuhime Ladybug). That evening go to the Shiroku Pub (During the day it's called Shiroku Store) and talk to the owner. As long as you have a gem (a rare drop from monsters in the dungeons) she will talk to you. She will ask you for the Tatsuhime Ladybug for her fish. He will cough up a fish hook. Take this fish hook to the old man at the Riverbank during the daytime to obtain the key item River Rod.
    • Now that you have the River Rod, you will need to find your way to the Beach. This can be done after June 8th when you obtain your scooter license. Take a short ride 3 times to find your way to Okina City. Then take 3 long drives on your scooter to find your way to the beach. Once you arrive at the beach try to go fishing. Return to the Riverbank and talk to the old man who gave you the key item River Rod. He will ask you to catch the River Guardian. Ask him all the questions that are available to unlock the Inaba jewel Beetle. (You can't catch it before asking about the Deep Sea Pole for sea fishing and the River Guardian.) Make sure you also unlock the key item butterfly net. (Obtained after several requests by the little boy in the Shrine.)
    • 2013-01-04-040138.jpg
    • To catch the River Guardian you will need to go fishing on either a cloudy day, rainy day or snowy day. Use the Inaba Jewel Beetle. When you cast look for what resembles spray coming up from where the bait is. If it is only simple ripples reel the line back in. (You will want to read both Fishing Books for their fishing boosts.) (I tried to take a picture of the spray but it's difficult to make out.) {Fishing Tip} Only hold the Circle button while it is in the blue area. Release it quickly after it hits the yellow otherwise the fish will go away from you. If you try reeling the fish in while the fishing bar is in the red or the border of the bar is flashing red, you will break the line very quickly. With the Fishing Expert book you will occasionally get the Triangle button, hit that asap to help reel the fish in quickly. If done right, you'll catch the Guardian (shown above) After you catch the Guardian show it to the Old Man for the key item Deep-Sea Rod. To catch the Sea Guardian you will need to follow the same basic concept as for catching the Guardian. Speak to the old man about bait for catching the Sea Guardian.
    • 2013-01-04-072507.jpg
    • You will need to either catch or buy from Tanaki the Genji Beetle. (Best caught at night at the Shrine. Also available for sale from Tanaka's Amazing Commodities on Aug 22.) You will need to go to the Beach when it is cloudy, rainy or snowy to catch the Sea Guardian. Much like the Guardian look for the splashing or spraying in the center. It will be a very tough fight the first few times you try to catch him. I suggest saving before attempting to catch either Guardian.



True Bond.jpg A True Bond - Max out a Social Link. trophy_bronze.png


Bond Maniac.jpgBond Maniac - Max out 10 Social Links. trophy_bronze.png


Legend of Inaba.jpg Legend of Inaba - Max out all Social Links. trophy_silver.png


  • You have to max out all social links in one play through. It is best done on your 2nd play through so you can take full advantage of maxed out stats. If you go for the Compulsive Reader Trophy and Mr. Perfect on your first play through you can easily max your Social Links on the 2nd play without needing a guide. However, for a Max Social Link Guide click here: Max Social Link


Aquired Taste.jpg An Aquired Taste - Drink the coffee at Chagrall Cafe. trophy_bronze.png


Movie Buff.jpg Movie Buff - Go to 3 movies at 30 Frame in Okina city. trophy_bronze.png


Bug Hunter.jpg Bug Hunter - Swing the net with perfect timing. trophy_bronze.png


  • This trophy can be a bit of a pain. My recommendation is to save before you try to catch any bugs. Reload until you time it perfectly.


Advantage.jpg Advantage Mine - Enter a battle with Player Advantage. trophy_bronze.png


Big Bro Worried.jpg Big Bro Is Worried - Visit Nanako in the hospital 3 times. trophy_bronze.png


  • You have to visit Nanako between 11/22 and 12/2. The best way to do this is starting on 11/22. Save in the Classroom and then talk to Yosuke to visit Nanako. 11/23 talk to Chie in the Shopping District. 11/24 talk to Rise on the first floor. They should ask you if you want to go visit Nanako in the hospital.


New Quiz King.jpg A New Quiz King - Win the Miracle Quiz Finals trophy_bronze.png

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