Aug 24 2012
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Peculiar Problem w/ PS3

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I looked around, but i did not see anyone having the same problem. If I missed it, then I apologize.


Anyhow, my PS3 had some video issues until one day, it no longer had any video. In my attempts to troubleshoot, I found that if the harddisk is still plugged in, I get no video. If I pull it out, I do get video, but of course the video is of the error statement "Cannot start. The correct hard disk was not found."


If it's just a hd issue, wouldn't I at least see something after doing the reset and waitingfor the double beeps?

It can't be video cause I see the error statement. Can you help me understand what the issue is and how to resolve it.


Much Thanks!!!!

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Re: Peculiar Problem w/ PS3

Aug 24, 2012

Video issues?


My PS3 a couple years back, was having some pretty bad graphic problems, like giant lines coming out of people, huge black masses everywhere, textures completely not showing up, Ezio looked like a damned porcupine.


If it's that... From what i was told it was some kind of graphicy, videoy, thingie, inside the PS3 that apparently overheated and went derp o-O And seeing how I onced had no power and was on a generator in my house, which was about 95+ degrees inside, running my PS3 all day... Yeah, I'm sure it did heat up quite a bit those few days >_>


Then eventually it just stopped showing anything.


Sent it in, saying I had issues with it, asked for the same model back, and shazam, here I am with my sexy fat boy.


Not sure if those are the same video issues you're having D:


But if I remember right.... they said there was some kind of cooly foamy stuff? That needed to be replaced, and I think the chip thingie >_>


Totally uninformative I know, but it gives you something to read o:

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Re: Peculiar Problem w/ PS3

Aug 25, 2012

Appreciate yhe insight fen. it sounds like the graphics prob is the same, but I wondered if anyone tried pulling the hd to see if they do get the same "Cannot start" screen eventhough it looked like the video portion stopped workign altogether.


i saw several solutions to different things and tried them in combination and stumbled on this. I hope someone out ther has come across this....

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