Aug 13 2012
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Payday the Heist: DLC Counterfeit Pacifist Trophy and C4 Trap

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I know this DLC Wolfpack is still fairly new, but I have 2 questions that I would like answers to cause I have been playing Counterfeit for a couple days now trying to get these 2 things with no sucess.


First, I see that in order to get the Pacifist Trophy, you must play on Hard difficulty or above and you cannot kill law enforcers or civilians. Now, are law enforcers just and only the first 4 cops to arrive on the scene to check on the house? < 2 show up, then phone call, and 2 more show up. I ask if these 4 are law enforcers cause this is the only time I see these types of cops in the entire heist. On these 4 officers, you are suppose to melee them once and then get them to surrender so that you do not kill them, correct? Then keep them 4 and all 8 hostage civilians alive for the rest of the heist and trophy is yours, am I right? < I believe these steps are correct, but I still think that this trophy is impossible to get just like many have said in various forums. 

Secondly, when the shelter is rigged with 7 C4 charges, do you and your entire crew have to have the new Toolkit upgrade in order to defuse the C4 without them blowing up? Everytime I try to defuse even just one when I do not have the Toolkit, the whole thing blows up. On the PC version, I have heard Bain tell the crew they have 20 seconds before the whole thing blows, but I have not heard Bain say this on the PS3 version. Does anyone know how to defuse all the C4 and does everyone in your crew have to have the Toolkit upgrade applied?

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