Jul 26 2012
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Partially Blind Gamer: I Play Dyad and More

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PSN is the place to go for gaming and friends, especially if you don't have a car and can't drive.  I have some sight in my right eye but I can't see anything out of my left eye.  The thing is I really love video games.  One of those games is Dyad.  I also like the PlayStation Plus membership as well.  I feel that video gaming gives me that chance to do and experience things that I can't do in real life because of my visual limitations.  Video games give me the chance to meet new people and explore worlds of culture and build lasting friendships.

Dyad is an amazing PSN game.  I like Dyad because it combines a tunnel shooter with a musical rhythm.  The colors explode onto the TV in a kaleidoscopic frenzy.  Each object you shoot makes a note.  Different colored objects make different notes.  Two of the same colored objects shot back to back make a pair.  So far the goal of the game is to make so many successful pairs to complete levels.  Dyad is not the only game on PlayStation systems that has caught my attention.

I love RPGs.  One of my favorite RPGs is Skyrim.  The graphics are breathtaking and the physics are very lifelike.  I spend hours exploring caverns and gathering goods to sell.  I even enjoy being able to suck the blood of sleeping beggars and college mages.  I get excited when I get to see a dragon sweep across the sky.  My only disappointment is that I can't jump on the dragon's back and fly above all of Skyrim.  I enjoy games such as Saints Row the Third, Flow, Flower, Journey, Plants Vs.. Zombies, Peggle, the Batman series, Hustle Kings, Pure Chess, the Resident Evil series, Mortal Kombat, and LittleBig Planet 1 and 2.  (I can't wait for LBP Karting.  I"m so excited!)

I've met a lot of people on PSN.  Most of them I met through LittleBig Planet, PlayStation Home, Pure Chess, and Gotham City Impostors.  There have only been a few people that weren't friends with me after they found out that I was blind.  Most of my friends are very curious about my eye condition.  It feels good to have people take an interest and ask questions.  I've gone from having 2 or 3 friends to having over 30 friends on PSN.  PlayStation has not only given me the chance to meet new people.  I've been given the chance to be the one to open others' eyes and make them aware of blind and disabled gamers.

I'm proud to be a playStation console owner.  I've either played or owned every console and portable that they have manufactured since the birth of the PsOne.  I am honored to be a PS Plus member and a PlayStation 3 owner.  I am proud to be a visually impaired gamer.  Thank you for giving me a gaming experience that couldn't be gotten from anywhere else. 

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