Sep 11 2013
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Packs 2.0?

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I was wondering, if this would ever happen or be possible...


Is there a possibility that some categories like the Holiday Pack, could be updated with more content instead of creating a whole new category? Since there is more than one holiday, could more holidays be added to it? Lets say HYPOTHETICALLY *wink* *wink* we get a Halloween pack. Would that pack be added to the holiday pack? Or would it go into its own? Seems like it would be added to the Holiday pack.


Another example, could an updated version of a already existent pack have content added to it? For example, what is the Dubstep pack or Drum pack got more instruments added to it(not saying I don't love those two packs already)?


Because there are INFINITE possibilities with drums and Dubstep, what if there were to be a pack added called "Dubstep 2.0 pack" or "More Wubs" or even another follow up pack of an extra add on called "3x Wub" or something?


Has this ever been discussed? Such as updating already made and released packs with follow up instruments? Because it would be even better to "Wub Harder" with more Wubs. Even with an extra Entity pack(man, those rifts are so killer!), there are so many rifts, but what if there were more!? Smiley Surprised



And if this were to ever happen, just keep the same name of each pack, but change the number at the end of it.



(User gets this lovely game and decides to buy the Holiday Pack)

Without the content: Holiday Pack

With new content: Holiday Pack(Halloween, Valentines{lol love music? I can't think of any other International holidays Smiley LOL) etc.




Without content: Dubstep Pack

With new content: Dubstep Pack 2.0

Another content pack: Dubstep Pack 3.0


And I guess anytime The Devs get bored and start fiddling around with content they wanted to add, just add it and throw a decimal on it! Or periodically updated packs we have now.





(NOT saying I don't love the packs the way they are. Just tossing out some ideas Smiley Tongue)

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