May 27 2012
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PSP to PS Vita

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So I finally made the jump. I feared for a long time, as I watched the Vita evolve, that the touch screen would be gimick-y, but to my plesant surprise, it's not. I miss the size of my PSP, as I had a Go. A lot more comfortable in my hands, about the size of a playstation controller, which is the best possible design for a controller. I like the UI, it was strange at first but it's growing on me.

I have the 3g system, with the gps. I must say, I"m sorely disappointed with the accuracy of hte GPS. It is a full mile off, and I'm in a suburban area, outside, in the car, all over, and it's just not quite working as one might expect.

I signed into PSN, and went to my download list. I was able to get Lunar: Silver Star Harmony. That's it. No LBP, no Modnation Racers. I can even see them in my download list, but it says I cannot download. I'm guessing this is because they want to promote the sales of the vita versions of hte games, but still, that's hokey.

I played a few of the vita demo's, but nothing struck my interest really. I may pick up modnation just to have something to fiddle with though. Really, I'm waiting for ragnarok, but that's months away DH:A is pretty neat, I may consider that one too.

I bought the PSP-Go because digital downloads are the way to go. I'm sticking with that on the vita, though for the price, I really feel they should have included some internal memory, that you could then expand on with card. Having none is disappointing. I'm glad they stuck with the bluetooth though. I used it all the time with my Go, wires suck.

I need to keep an eye out for more games though, hopefully they'll have some better ones coming down the pipe.

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