Aug 29 2011
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PSP Trophies

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why doesnt the psp have trophies for there games. i mean i play it just as much. im not around my ps3 every second of everyday.but my psp i take that everywhere and i love the trophie system so why can't i earn trophies. so why can't i earn any on my psp? i think the psp would be just as addicting if not more so if it had tropihes as well. i wouldnt want to sell my psp games back right after i beat them. not to mention there are a lot of psp games that are very addicting and SHOULD! have trophies. haven't you ever played a psp game like worms battle island,patapon,blazeblue,pixle junk monsters,final fantasy, and phantasy star portable on your psp and though "Man this game should really have trophies" not just because it should. but u probably just pulled off the most amazing thing ever in the game and you have no proof or ever even doing it. just a memory which will one day fade into the dark of your own mind. wouldnt it be great if you actually earned a trophie for that or some visual proof of that so you know that when you look back you can say "yeah i did that" just as you would on your ps3 system. wouldnt it feel good to be still contributing to your mountain of a trophie closet. while away from your ps3? would't you like to show your online friends that not only can you dominate on your ps3 but you can dominate a milllion miles away from it on your psp. i dont know if the heads at sony actually read these blogs or these discussions and actually take an intrest in to the valid points that are being made. i hope they do because like them we love our games too.

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Re: PSP Trophies

Aug 29, 2011

I agree with you on this, I have a PSP that I hardly use, I know I would use it much more if it had trophy support.

Having said that the PSP won't get trophy support in the future, but whether the Vita will when its released I don't know, maybe someone else can assist there?


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