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Apr 22 2012
By: dann161 First Son 1 posts

PSN idea?

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Good evening to the loyal Playstation nation, I was playing killzone 3 when something crossed my mind about the different ways, well the different format a game could be played. I was thinking what if you could set a first person shooter game where it's online play but, you can pick which side your on. Ok think about it! just like multiplayer blue team red team, but it's the actual game. your opponents are real people instead of the predictable CPU. Each time you play, its always different, The people would determine who the game is played or how the game would end. For example say your playing a first person shooter and you keep dieng on this one part you just can't past, each time you respawn that inperticular part would be played different because it's real people. Something like this would have a very high replay value.

So tell me what you think does this sound like a good idea?


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First Son
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Re: PSN idea?

Apr 28, 2012

I get what you're saying. You're trying to merge multiplayer into the single-player story mode. That's not a bad idea. For example, in Modern Warfare, you can play as Soap, while your friends play as Captian Price, Ghost, Roach and other teammates. While other people across the world are playing as the enemy trying to stop you from succeeding. There's a couple of problems with the idea though. First, most of the time in an FPS game, the developers doesnt make face models for the character you're playing as, since yo can never see his face. So that means when you play online, your frinds will lool at you and you wont have a face!! Second problem is that a human enemy is far more intelligent than an artificial one. While playing solo, you can outsmart the AI easily, and usually take cover to avoid damage, while popping in/out cover to kill all enemies. You can't do this with human enemies because they are too smart for that. So you will probably be stuck at a checkpoint. I say keep your idea, but only for you and your teammates but keep the enemy as an AI. Its a good idea though.

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