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Aug 04 2012
By: anthonybedoy First Son 2 posts

PSN homecoming and a bright future

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Recently I found myself stuck in a rut playing mmos and fps games all day on my pc with simply no challenge or fun. It was merely familiarity and monotony.
A friend of mine shared the new preview for playstation all stars which I had been dreaming about since the original smash bros. I got the guts to invest in a new generation console, having been stuck on the old ps2 for a good 12 years. I can tell you the switch made me no less happy than a little boy opening his first playstation. It was like I was rediscovering a whole new way to game again. Uncharted 3 and little big planet 2 welcomed me with challenging gameplay and fascinating graphics. The multiplayers were innovative while still leaving room to become accustomed to. I feel entirely welcomed back into console gaming especially with the new playstation all stars on the rise. I had no preference for console gaming ever since I left my ps2 in the closet all those years ago but now I can say I am a playstation play and I will live in my world and play in yours!
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