Nov 27 2012
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PSN Triumph

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So I just saw that Ace Combat Assault Horizon is $20.00 on the PSN today and I just wanted to let everyone know about it! 


Thank you Sony for pricing these full retail downloadable games competitively with retail stores.  Currently its 29.99 at Gamestop and other big box stores. 


What does everyone think about this pricing?  Want to see more of it?  I sure do! 


This is a game I will purchase when I get home!


Thanks again Sony!

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Re: PSN Triumph

Nov 27, 2012

I love the Ace Combat series.  I was excited when it finally made it to the PS3.  


Unfortunately it came out at the same time as BF3.  I made the classic mistake of buying two games at once.  As a result, I have only played about five missions on Ace Combat to date.  


I will definitely have to go back to that one.  Hands down, the best flight simulator in the PS Library.


As far as pricing goes, I think it is great.  Although I already own Ace COmbat, I would not mind seeing other titles, I have not bought yet, go this low.



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Re: PSN Triumph

Nov 28, 2012

it's probably cheaper because it sucks. Why would you want to play a game where a bad guy is scripted to die at a certain place no matter how much ammo you shoot up it's back end? Oh wait the graphics are cool....  I guess it's a great game then.... since that's what everyone cares about these days. lol

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Re: PSN Triumph

Nov 29, 2012

I think for people that like flight simulator games its a good game.  Almost like a niche market...just like JRPGS.  Fans enjoy them while others are left scratching their heads.


Just happy to see a lower price point in general and more competition with retailers.

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