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Re: PSN-SOE Canada Settlement

Apr 20, 2013

Jmes99 wrote:

W1Z4RDRY wrote:

I never even got my games from Welcome Back. I selected them and then turned off my system as I had to leave for work and didn't have Plus so I couldn't download with the system off. Well because of that I never got them. Strangely, the other week I was browsing games and noticed that Killzone Liberation said purchased. So I downloaded it on my Vita. Couldn't find Super Stardust on the store so I can't check if I can get it free.


At the time I was really ticked off but now I don't care.

I guess you never took advantage of the free month of plus they offered as well.

No I got the free month but it wouldn't let me download the games I chose for some reason.

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Re: PSN-SOE Canada Settlement

Apr 21, 2013

So basically we have 3 option :

- opt-in : get free stuff but lose the right to "sue, or continue to sue, the Sony companies regarding the legal claims this settlement resolves, ever again"

- opt-out : get nothing from that settlement, but keep the right to sue

- do nothing : get nothing and lose the right to sue


What are your opinions on that? Even if that free stuff is not good, I don't feel like my right to sue could get me anything else once that settlement expires (unless other lawsuits are currently in progress?).

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