Feb 19 2012
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PSN Login Issues Solved (as of 2/18/12)

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Just wanted to share an experience in case anyone has an error show up when trying to login to PSN via the PS3 (the dredded error code 80710092)

so, looking through posts, i couldnt find anything that worked... i couldnt find out if PSN was down (which, btw Sony, it needs to be easier to find out access the information for the PSN servers... i still dont know where anything would say if its down or still up... but i digress..) and remembered something from my days with the 360...

shut down the PS3, and reset the modem/router. wait 10-15 seconds before turning the modem back on so it can fully reset, allow modem to start up completely before turning the PS3 system back on, then (and this is almost ironically important, but important nonetheless...) test the connection. for some reason, its roughly a 50/50 shot if you dont, and can cause headaches... if you do, it seems to be almost 100%... but either way, the connection test will then tell you everything you need to know.

now, another heads up to Sony

ive noticed recently that, even when the option to automatically notify me when theres a new update is selected... it doesnt... at least not until a long time later at best... I bring this up because, after i myself did what i listed above, everything was running fine on the test, but still got the same error. so just for the heck of it, i checked to see if there was an update required... there was... now everything is working perfectly fine...

my personal opinion, there needs to be something set up for better communication in the notifications for the updates, seeing how its nearly non-existant... it also seems that the updates are preventing people from being able to log in, which kinda sucks in itself, so my advice to anyone reading this, be it PS Employee or PS Customers, when in doubt, CHECK TO SEE IF THERES AN UPDATE AVAILABLE, solves major headaches, trust me...

I guess that counts as my little PSA for the night. and sorry for being a lurker, I promise to try to be active for a change

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Re: PSN Login Issues Solved (as of 2/18/12)

Feb 20, 2012

i have to keep power off the modem and router and turn it back on each time i want to connect to psn now....

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