Nov 24 2012
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PSN ID Name Opinions + New Clan

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Ok, I'm making a new clan, primarily for Black Ops 2, other games in the futute as well. For now it's going to be called ElecTRo KiLLz, may change some things later IDK. I wanted to get people's opinions on players ID names..I know some clans put there clan name in their ID, so I wanted to ask do you all think it's better for people on the clan to put ElecTRo_Example or just leave the names they have now. Also a second question- My ID..what do you all think is better? ElecTRo_SecTioN, ElecTro_SecTion, ElecTricSecTion or Electric_Section, ElectricSection (you get the idea)...or should I just stay with ElectricArcher...a much simpler question would be ElectricArcher or Please don't be rude I just want to put all my thoughts & ideas out there, this barely started yesterday. Please answer with thought, thanks in advance Smiley Happy

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