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Feb 16 2012
By: HarryPotter02019 Splicer 79 posts

PSN Game Notification

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I have a PS3 and original PSP since release and although I have a PSN account I have never purchased anything online from the store. I have always purchased disk's UMD for the PSP.

So now I have the Vita and loving it, I have seen the clips for Motorstorm RC and want to buy this.

My question, is there an easy way to be notified when the game is on the store to buy or do you just have to keep looking.

Would have thought it would be a great app to set notifications or even pre-order the download so that it downloads automatically.

Just looking for best practices rather then keep searching the store



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Re: PSN Game Notification

Feb 16, 2012

Unfortunately there's no way of subscribing to the release of games on the PSN store. As you said yourself, you'll just have to keep searching.

You could also keep in the know by using sites dedicated to gaming news, like IGN, or even the PlayStation Blog.

You can also look at the "What's new" section under the PSN icon on the XMB.

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