May 15 2013
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PSN? For Controller and Remote Play

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Can someone please tell me what is up with the store? First, the new store was to be a "new look" but this "new look", seem to have made simply viewing worse! Second, the Vita was a lil let down for most when it came to the remote play, I'm sorry all. You was able to go to the psn store via remote play. The reason why that was a good thing, 1. lol, your giving us some use out of the remote play  2. I wouldnt have to turn my tv channel wait load up, wait store load up, Wait now there is a "visual" load up (like are really old version of Adobe flash). Just to simply see a game add on or game it self has been updated to the store. When the Vita was able to goto PSN Store via Remote Play, the wait for a game to drop to the store wasnt so bad. Today i use my PS blu ray controller 1st gen, and it no longer is able to thumb through the PSN store.When did this happen?  I mean did Hulu infect the PSN store? I know these are minor but these minor things kept me happy. 

The Vita was to be PS3's Robin(sidekick) now it seems like its buddy that got to close(thouchy feelie)


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Re: PSN? For Controller and Remote Play

May 16, 2013
Hold your horses..... THE PSP was the ideal for PS3, the Vita is the PlayStation 4's companion. The Vita can do some stuff ( PSP wise ) with the PS3 and produce some great close PS3 graphics games but I already know the development revolved around the PS4 since its Sony's next Gen handheld system as the PS4 is Sony's next Gen console system. Your talking about a PS3, 6 & 1/2 year old system doing what the PSP 7 & 1/2 system remote play features. The Vita is more of a future investment with alot more functions and features made around the PS4. Yes its a handheld system but the raw power and performance the Vita has compared to the old PSP will take the best use out of the PS4 then the PS3. I guess sorry for your wrongful purchased!?!?!?!
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