May 01 2013
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PSN Card/Credit Card - A possible way out for a Lithuanian?

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 I am writing in regard to my PS3 console account details. I am having problems with adding funds to my (PSN) wallet and I believe this is mainly because I don't have the possiblity to add my country to my profile.

           First of all, I am from Lithuania and while creating my PSN account I was confused as I did not find the country in the list. Thus, I have chosen Poland(Why...?). However, I entered Lithuanian address. I also entered the same (Lithuanian) address as billing address. Now is it because of the country or something else that I simply can't add funds to my PSN account via credit card?

           Second, I would be grateful if I was given more details about PSN Card purchase as this might be the only option to add funds to my account. Sadly, the card also work according to region. Which one would be suitable for me? Honestly, I do not wish to create another account with different country as it seems to be a way out of the situation(according to some online articles). 
           Hopefully, this is just a simple misunderstanding because of me lacking competence in online gaming sphere.
           I look forward to your answer.






ps.: I've tried contacting Sony Europe Limited filiāle Latvia, however, they appeared to lack competence in this.

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Re: PSN Card/Credit Card - A possible way out for a Lithuanian?

May 1, 2013
I am glad you wrote about this..Its on sonys end Address checking system on there end. I had capital one and a sony rep on the phone an hour 3 weeks ago..I am glad I did. The sony rep did everything she could to pass the blame on me. I am glad the rep from capital one sony card told the lady nothing is wrong wih my address credit limit..You can call cap one sony card and tell them you lost poins..They gave me 2000 points to make up for my loss. I hope this helps. I stopped buying from the sony store its in poor shape for months now since they updated the store. the lady was in shock from sony customer service that I had the idea to put capital one on the line as well..She had to play ball at that point..No result came from this. Is still useless for 2 months now I gave up
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Re: PSN Card/Credit Card - A possible way out for a Lithuanian?

May 2, 2013
Yes your credit card is not working because the region of your card and the region you entered do not match.
Secondly I would advise you to make another psn id with the region as US or EU(England, Spain, France e.t.c) then buy PlayStation cards for those respective areas online. Here's a trustworthy website:
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Re: PSN Card/Credit Card - A possible way out for a Lithuanian?

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May 3, 2013

Thank you for your answers.

I knew it, I knew that the new acc is the only way. However, I'll probably lose all my savegame files as well as the progress and will have to start over with my games, right?  


ps.: Would a card (PSN) for Poland work for me?

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