Apr 08 2014
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PS4 themes and custom music idea

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i think you should allow players to customize the backgound of the would be a good idea if you came out with a desktop program that players can download off your site to allow them  to create their own background theme  with pictures they have on their computers . also have add a dynamic function to the program so players can add special effects to their themes  like lighting or fire effects . to snow effects to pouring rain as well and also customize some  of the sound effects they wanna have for certain parts of the system. by allowing players to have a choice in creating their own custom theme. it would be a good idea .


we would really feel its our system and show our personality. also we could choose to upload the themes we created to your site to share with other players that might like it as well. the program that you create should be able to all any picture formate just as long its crystal clear  and convert  the picture to show up nicely in the background of the ps4. also it would be a good idea to allow players to listen to music while we game.


players were able to do this on the 360 by installing music from a cd or mp3 player then was able to create a custom playlist as well.  that way whatever game their playing. that can listen to a play list that fits that game.  by doing these things it would makr a lot of players happy and also somewhat more controll on our system, you can still add themes to the psn store as well .  just something to think about. i would love to see happen and hope you allow players to do this



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