Apr 03 2012
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PS4 rumors true or untrue?

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Ok, everyone I have been searching the web lately and this is a rumor that I am not sure that its true. They say that the ps4 isn't going to allow anyone to play used games on the system. I don't want to say that it's true but its just a rumor. Here's my take on this whole sha banga bang. If they do follow through with that, they need to provide a used code. For example, when the new games come out, they have a one time code that you use to play online, Ok. Now eventually, people are going to get tired of that game and want something different and want to trade it in. Now, when they trade it in, the code that first came with it is already used. Therefore, assign a used game code to the game so that the system knows that it isn't a bootleg version. Because people are going to get the point where they'll wanna begin to bootleg again. And, make the code a one time only code.  Just like when it was brand new.  2. Most people can't always afford the new games that come out. Because i've known a lot of people that have purchased games that they thought was gonna be good and was disappointed at what they paid 65 for. So most people resort to buying the game used. It's not in a lot of people's budget to buy a game they really like but don't have enough for it to be bought brand new. So they'll wait for it to be traded in. But as I said in my previous posts, I love playstation, but if you guys follow through with that plan that I just stated, Then, I have NO PROBLEM buying the PS4 or as the rumor states, “Orbis” (that's the code name for the PS4) But if not, then it looks like the PS Vita will be the last system I'll buy. Again, I Love Playstation. Sony too. I will CONTINUE to support sony.  No matter what plan you all go through with, I'm behind you all 110%

Sincerely, JDivine911

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