Nov 25 2013
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PS4 downgrade for the USB Stick, problem

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I usually pass every movie i have to an external drive since this is easier than changing the disc and lets face it CD's break easily

When i tried to place my external drive to watch movies with my family on my PS4 the PS4 did nothing like there was nothing plugged in not even a message displying incompability issues. My question is will this feature be added later on or is was this done on purpose?


This seems like a major step down from the PS3 features and I am extremely disapointed :/


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Re: PS4 downgrade for the USB Stick, problem

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Nov 25, 2013

Aye Matey, yes transfer because CD's break.. That will throw em off yer tail...


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This functionality may be added at a later date with MP3 and DLNA.



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