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Re: PS4 So Close To Launch, So Much Unknown

Oct 10, 2013

Idealty wrote:

heGOTmeAGAIN wrote:

Here's another basic question: Will the PS4 support multitasking? Will I be able to switch to watch a Netflix movie from in a gameplay experience? Will I be able to video chat live while playing a game? What about stream some music from some streaming app while playing a game?


Yes to all questions and a whole lot more.

Did you even check the thread

Go to the first page there is everything you want to know.

Are you getting a PS4?


Yes I did check the thread and saw this  link I guess to be clear, my point is that we have not seen it. So my question really wasn't "Will it..." but rather "How will it support multitasking?" A twitter comment and a bunch of yes and no answers don't really paint the picture of what the user experience will be like when I turn on my PS4 on Nov 15th. MS showed their vision/prototype of what using the system will be like from their initial unveil in May. Most of the questions I mentioned are already answered in their case. The XB1 specs are clear down to the clock speeds. The Kinect v2 capabilities were shown. How it works witth the system UI was also shown. That's why it stands in stark contrast that Sony hasn't shown this stuff so close to launch. All we got is that very edited UI video and the brief demonstration Shu did at Gamescom that only demonstrated a subset of the capability. Even things like remote play is nebulous. They have shown it twice (In Feb and TGS) but it still wasn't entirely reflective of what it will be like in the home. For example, at TGS when ACIV switched over to the Vita, we didn't actually see the dev perform the switch. The screen simply went black and it came up again and with the Vita already running. How many menus do I have to navigate to make that happen? How long does it take from initiation to live play on the VIta. Things like that just aren't clear.


I admit, I'm skeptical. Sony is first and foremost a hardware company and their attempts at software in the past were pretty lacking. The OS and software was by far the weakest aspect of the PS3. It's clear that the PS4 is a massive step forward in this regard but how it compares to Xbox One, Vita, or modern mobile platforms remains to be seen.  Again, I acknowledged that Sony has a tremendous amount of marketing and ongoing development to do, but I feel that by now most things should be past the conjecture point of "probably", "hopefully", and "most likely".

TGS showed many examples of how the menu worked.

And as to not showing what you had to do to initate remote play, I don't know what video you saw, but the one I saw from TGS showed you exactly how they got it switched over.  Just because you haven't seen it, doesn't mean it hasn't been demonstrated.






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Re: PS4 So Close To Launch, So Much Unknown

Oct 10, 2013

Do you have a PS3?

Did you get one at launch? If so, is there more information available on the PS4 before launch than there was for the PS3?


Yes there is so stop trolling.

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Re: PS4 So Close To Launch, So Much Unknown

Oct 10, 2013
I'm fine with the information that has been provided. All I care does the ps4 play games that I am looking forward to playing? Yup. OK that works. Plus I find it exciting when you have a new product and you are trying to figure out what it is capable of, then you find some cool feature that was unknown of and then you are like did you know the ps4 could do this. There has to be some kind of unknown excitement. All the extra features are bonus.
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