Sep 06 2013
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PS4/PS3 Backup Solution..!!!

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I'm sure alot (or most of you) already have an externall HDD backup in place, however I did not.


I began to think "why not get something that will work on a PS4 as well" and I came across this:



 photo PS4_zpsd58bec61.jpg


Link to item:


I just got it today. It has USB 3.0(a known PS4 feature) and since SATA 1,2 and 3 all use the same interface will work on anything they put in a PS4. It also works on 3.5 inch drives !!!


I want to 100% confirm that this works on a PS3.


When I got it, I plugged in the power adapter and a HDD then plugged it into my PS3. At first I had no blue light(thought that was weird) and turned on the PS3. Still no light, but I went to the backup utility and started it. Told me to connect storage media, so I thought it was not going to work. Backed out to the backup utility and then the blue light came on and I was able to do the backup, so it might take a bit to recognize the connection.


Obviously you need a HDD, but with a 500GB HDD at around 40 bucks and a 1TB at around 70 bucks, you can have a nice backup solution for your PS3 AND PS4 for around 60-90 bucks total.


NOTE: it takes about 2 hours and 41 minutes to backup a 250GB HDD.


I expect with a different SATA interface and the matching HDD that the backup time will be reduced proportionately.


Cheers !!!

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