Jun 21 2014
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PS4 Music Import Update

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I'm sure this subject has come up a lot. However I still think it needs it's own board because I'm pretty sure SONY is unaware of how many people would like to use their own music instead of being forced to use Music Unlimited. The reason I feel it needs it's own dedicated thread is because by mixing it with update wishlist threads/mixed suggestion threads it's slowly dropping into the background and easily being overlooked.

I know custom music tracks isn't a feature that comes up in many games, I know that the PS4 is more game focused then the PS3 was. However some games do plan to use them, most important to me one of those games is Metal Gear Solid V:The Phantom Pain.

The fact that I'm not allowed to import music from my own collection of CD's that I have bought in physical form to use in Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes for chopper music/background music makes me feel like buying it for the better graphics update on PS4 over the PS3 version was a waste (although the smoother 60fps is still the best benefit, which obviously needs to become industry standard in all games for PS4, XBone & PC).

Case in point I don't want to rebuy music I already own, for a service that would be limited to my PS4, just to make use of a feature that I'm being denied access too.



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Re: Music Import Update

Jun 21, 2014

Sony is well aware that people want to listen to their own music while playing, but Sony also made it clear that the PS4 is a gaming console before launch.  

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