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Welcoming Committee
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Re: PS4 Concerns

Jul 3, 2013

glasscut wrote:

Aureilia wrote:

This actually sucks.


They should change this, sure I understand the motive behind getting rid of the old red white yellow cables, but component is still used by loads of people, myself included...

Are you seriously saying the above.. ?? if your so concerned about it.. Then keep your PS3.. it will be still supported for 5 more years.. Or buy an HDMI converter.. if you argument is going to be about capture cards.. Well the PS4 does its own recording via Ustream.. Good luck.. 

1. Youtube > Twitch > UStream (Some people would probably change the first two)


2. No one has given an answer of how much the PS3 can actually record or if it can be put straight to the PS4 HD. As I've said if it's about 20 minutes, it's fine for a temporary thing.


3. I am keeping my PS3... I was never trading it. How am I supposed to play PS3 games on a PS4?

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First Son
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Re: PS4 Concerns

Jul 3, 2013
HDTV are very cheap now.
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