Dec 18 2012
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PS3 with Instant Game Collection included with 1 year of PS+ Membership for $250

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Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day today is a PlayStation 3 with Instant Game Collection included with a 1 year PlayStation Plus membership for $250.  Basically you get a free 1 year membership to PS+ and that is your Instant Game Collection. 


Its a 320GB and from the pic on Amazon's site it looks like its the older original slim model (with the Blu-Ray slot loader), so this might be the last chance to get a deal on the original slims, since Sony has quit making them.  Also I don't think Sony makes the new slims with 320GB.  I've only seen the new slims with 250GB and 500GB.  So I'm pretty sure its the original slim model.


A 1 year PS+ membership is $50 and if you can still find that 320GB PS3 original slim it sells for $250 normally I think, so basically you're getting the PS+ membership for free. 


PS3 320 GB PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection Bundle



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