Oct 03 2012
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PS3 to old (VGA) PC monitor + headphones

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So, as the title states... I'd like to hook up my ps3 to my computer monitor  (VGA and DVI ports but no headphone jack or speakers built in) without spending enough money to just say screw it and buy a second TV.

My idea-
RCA to VGA adapter for video. RCA to 3.5mm headset jack for audio.

My problem-

Seeing as there is no "middleman" for the audio, there is no way to control volume. Someone also brought up a good point that said "middleman" is required (as an amplifier,) due to the fact that the RCA cables are sending pure signal. The signal alone won't tell the speakers / headphones work. Something about the information having to be taken in and sent back out for the headset.

Also, does anyone know if the RCA-VGA is a valid option to begin with?

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Re: PS3 to old (VGA) PC monitor + headphones

Oct 3, 2012
There are option's I just bought ps3 to vga with sound (rca) cables Has not come in yet so I can't comment on it . I's going to connect to the back of the ps3 to a vga led monitor then rca sound connects to an rca to 3.5 jack cables so I can connect to headphones or speakers . Should be in on the 9 of oct .
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