Nov 21 2012
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PS3 super slim questions

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Looking into a PS3 system and the super slim has got my attention. I am wandering from those who own one or know someone who owns one are they any good. I have seen a lot of reviews saying its ugly it looks cheap etc etc. I do not care how it looks I just want it to play movies games etc. My main concern is it wanting to over heat with vents being on the bottom almost and smaller along with smaller fan inside. I plan on placing it in a ultra well vented area over 2 feet in all directions. Also how long it will last with the redesigned insides I would hate to have to replace it every 2-3 months or so or every year for that matter. I can't find a solid user review of someone who's had it a while and use it a lot. All reviews iv come across is on how it looks which means as much to me as what color it is. Pleas if anyone can help with some reviews to let me know if its a safe buy or not id be grateful.

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Re: PS3 super slim questions

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Nov 21, 2012

Its new..... NO ONE is going to have a long-term review on it because its only a few months old.


If you're that paranoid that it'll break in a few months..... thats why you have a warranty. You can even buy up to 3 years of extended warranty for a total of 4 years.....

Its not going to overheat. It uses smaller, more power efficient processors and capacitors all over the mobo. And from the looks of the mobo design, all of the heat creating components, at least the ones that generate the most heat, are all on one side of the console where it will get the best airflow from the fan.

Its not "cheap". its actually very sturdily built. It can take a "hammer drop" pretty well. Looks can be decieving. 



I'll be getting one soon. To replace one or both of my PS3s

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Re: PS3 super slim questions

Nov 22, 2012
One thing I like about this new design is that you don't have to worry about a disc ever being stuck in the drive, and it will be easy to clean the lens.

Often when the system design gets simpler, the more reliable it gets...
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