Feb 08 2013
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PS3 questions

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I have another account via my PSP Go.  I did the other account on this before I got my PS3.


When I try to sign into my other account via email address (so I can transfer my movies to my PS3),  it tells me that "the email address you entered cannot be used.  Please use another email address."


All I want to do is transfer my LBP game (the only one I have on there) and my 2 movies to my PS3 so I can close out that other account, and re-do my system to set it up to this account, then redownload my game and my movies.  And any other downloads I have purchased (like my Harvest Moon game) to my Go system.


Also the remote play isn't working on my Go thru my 3, keep getting an error code, 8001006F.  It had worked before Smiley Indifferent


Thanks in advance for your help on this matter.

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