Apr 14 2012
By: Sean_Pierce Splicer 45 posts

PS3 now friendly with AAC Music Files

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Recently bought the country version of Mr. Know It All (Kelly Clarkson) from iTunes. To my surprise, it was easily copied to my PS3 unlike before, it'd show up as a track number with song name being artwork less. All the meta data was gone as well but after the recent update, the file was directly copied with everything intact.

I'm laughing at myself for this since I recently copied a Collection of CDs with hard hours of tagging and album artwork pasting. Not to mention I recently gone lossless and PS3 other than WAV, has yet to accept any lossless formats.

So if you happen to buy songs from iTunes or rip your CDs at AAC, you can easily copy and paste albums onto your PS3 with ease.

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