Mar 13 2012
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PS3 not connecting to new TV

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My daughter has had her PS3 for about a year and a half, connected by AV (the red, white, and yellow cables) to an old tube TV.  Last week I got her a new TV because she wanted to connect with HDMI.  Well, everything hooked up OK, and the PS3 recognized the HDMI so it changed to the HDMI connection under Settings.  She played for an hour or so and then the PS3 froze (it looked like old Atari or Nintendo "snow" on the screen!).  So then I took the power cable out of the back to reset it.  That was the only way I could get it unfrozen.  Now when you hit the front power button, NOTHING happens (well, just the blue light comes on and it beeps).  The TV shows "No Signal".  I've tried trying the other 2 HDMI ports, still same problem.  I took another HDMI cable that I had hooked to my TV in my room, and still same.  Then, I tried just reconnecting the PS3 the old way (AV), and still the same problem!  I read online about reseting the video configuration (holding the power button in for 5-6 seconds until you hear 3 beeps) and that didn't work.  My daughter then took her PS3 to her friend's house to try another brand TV, yet other HDMI and AV cables, NOTHING worked.  Anyone have any more ideas?  The year warranty is up of course, so in order for Sony to help me, I'm sure it would cost too much, if they would even offer to fix it.  I appreciate ANY advice, thanks!


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