Jan 16 2013
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PS3 makes high-pitched noise after shutting down

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It's a late 2010 Slim model. It's been doing this for a while, and I'm pretty sure it's the fan. The noise itself is pretty annoying, especially if I play a movie or game and then [try to] go to bed.


From a distance, it sounds like the app "Sound Grenade" which gives off an annoying high-pitched noise. But if you put your ear up to it, it sounds like the fan just spinning at a low hum.


Anyone know what's up? I bought the system two years so the warranty is gone. I've never taken apart a PS3 but I could easily watch a tut  and follow along. But I don't even know if it's worth opening up, can't seem to find any true solution on google.


Thanks for any tips/help.

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