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Nov 27 2012
By: NPCdallas First Son 2 posts

PS3 is HARDWIRED....having issues

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around 1 week ago I began having issues with my internet connection when I play PS3 online.


My connection is hardwired- when i first log onto play it works fine, but in a 5min window it kicks me off the network and  my wifi connection is knocked out. It then takes about 10 minutes to restore wifi to my tablets,phone. any thoughts as to what is going on? maybe a router issue? I had my ISP check everything with connections and they said everything was working fine- obviously i didn't tell them about the PS3 because they automatically point fingers and blame it on the PS3.



Thank You

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First Son
Registered: 11/27/2012
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Re: PS3 is HARDWIRED....having issues

Nov 27, 2012

thank you for the link-


is this something that would affect a hardwired connection? Very strange that im directly connected to the router but my entire home connection blanks out when i play PS3 online.



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