Jul 31 2013
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PS3 (ilo TV) (AV Cables) Cutting off the edges

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Okay so here's the Deal When I play on  my crappy Ilo 32" TV.  With my A/V Cables (red/white/yellow) (Because my TV isn't HD) It cuts my screen off at the edges when playing a game Like Skyrim or Assassin's Creed 3 so for Skyrim I can't see some of the words in my character menu so I can't see the front of the word that says apparel weapons etc. And when Playing AC3 it cuts of my health




besides getting a new TV


BTW I don't have a TV remote

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Re: PS3 (ilo TV) (AV Cables) Cutting off the edges

Aug 1, 2013

Looks like you have an issue called Overscan. Overscan happens when your TV (not the PS3) cuts off the edges of the screen. Some standard definition TVs overscan more than others because of aging, manufacturing, settings or other things.

Anyway, here's some things to check.



In some games, there is an option to "Adjust TV Screen" or "Adjust Picture Size" or "Adjust UI Scaling" or "Adjust Screen" or something like that. Look into the options menu to see if a game has such options.


Consider upgrading to High Definition if possible. Standard Def is on the PS3 just for compatibility reasons and is not the optimal way to run the PS3.


As a last-ditch effort, try looking for the service manual on your TV. Some TVs have service menus that you can enter into by holding down keys and entering number codes on the remote or front panel. (Click here to see Example) This service menu will allow you to adjust and even switch off the overscan.


Good luck! Smiley Happy

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