Nov 11 2012
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PS3 help please?

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OK, so. When I turn my PS3 system on, everything goes fine with no issues. About 5-10 minutes into doing AMYTHING, it just freezes. When i hit the power button it does the little beeping noise like its turning off, but it doesn't turn off?!?!?! The little green light for the power continues to blink. I dont know if this is the same issue, but my controller wont turn on my PS3 at all, even if its plugged into the system.... I dont know if anyone has had this same issue, but it just started yesterday afternoon and it's extremely aggravating because i cant find any help on the issue.... Anyone have ANY advice??

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Re: PS3 help please?

Nov 11, 2012

There are to ways to reset your system if it freezes. One, hold the power button until it beeps and restarts. If that doesn't work, turn on an off the power switch in back of the fat PS3 or unplug the slim PS3. This will restart your system as well. The one thing you need to keep notice of though, is how many times it freezes. Because if it freezes a few times, then you might need a new system.

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