Aug 15 2012
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PS3 handshake with HDTV?

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Hey guys!

I'm probably going to answer my own question but I wanted to throw it out there just to get some verification on this.

I own a 32" 1080p HDTV. I just got a PS3 this past weekend and have it hooked up with a HDMI cable.

I purchased Battlefield 3 and installed and updated it and played a bit last night. This morning I got on my PS3 and when I chose to start my Battlefield game, my screen flickered blue (what it always looks like switching inputs on my TV ) for a split second and played the game as normal.

I was wondering, is it doing that because it's changing screen resolution? The dash is in 1080p and the game was 720p. It's just flickering to adjust the new screen resolution right?

I noticed Battlefield 3 can only be displayed in 480p and 720p. The only other games I've been playing are DC Universe Online and Yakuza 3, which can go up to 1080p. So I guess that's why I've only noticed it with Battlefield, the TV is adjusting to its 720p  because the game doesn't support 1080p?
If I could get some clarification on this that'd be great. I hate buyin new stuff and worrying it's working like it should. I gotta know if this is normal or if I should be worried.
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Re: PS3 handshake with HDTV?

Aug 15, 2012

It's probably because it's forcing the resolution to 720p. I really wouldn't worry too much. 

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