Dec 18 2012
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PS3 games won't display in widescreen (regular TV)

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I already checked to see if others have the same problem, and they do, but they're using HDTVs. I don't have one of those, just a regular TV, so those threads don't really help.


I know it's not my TV's settings because my XBOX360 played games perfectly in widescreen right off the bat without any problems. I tried messing with the settings on my PS3, changing the aspect ratios, etc etc. And they say widescreen. But the games don't play in widescreen... I hate full screen, mainly because it doesn't show everything.


I barely got my PS3 last month. I've played Hitman Absolution, Skyrim, Rocksmith, Rayman Origins, Uncharted, and Infamous.


The games that were forced full screen were Hitman, Skyrim, and Infamous. The others were fine if I remember correctly.


I plug in the yellow, red and white chord. No high definition anything.


Help would be much appreciated...

Thanks -Isaac



And I now realize this probably should have gone in the Support section. I apologize.

If someone could move it there, or if it is fine here, whichever...


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Re: PS3 games won't display in widescreen (regular TV)

Dec 21, 2012

Hi there & Welcome to the PlaySation Forums,


Seeing that you have explored the setting avenues for both your console and TV, the issue is not with your hardware. Some games have the option to play in widescreen while others, do not. So if there is that ingame option (under settings within the game itself), then you'll have your answer.


One other thing to note, is that did you check to see if your TV has a 'Game/Video Mode?' Some older CRTs have this option and some will adjust to the widescreen resolution as long as there's the ingame option present of course.

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