Oct 21 2012
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PS3 game - Background After Image

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So on a few of my games I've had a particularly interesting effect happening, which I'm not 100% certain if its related to the game, the PS3, or my Sony Bravia 1080p HDTV that I have. 

What happens is in Grand Theft Auto 4 (Any of them, 4, TLAD, TBGT), there will be an after image effect against the sky. If I pan the camera around, there will be an after image of buildings, landscape, lights remaining on the sky. This is more pronounced against a night sky as well. 


I've done my best to try and research this particular issue, but I haven't had any luck thus far on locating any forum threads or anything online. So I would certainly appreciate any feedback that could lead to correcting this minor, yet annoying issue.



(Edit: I've figured out that the issue was caused due to a few advanced effects on the TV itself. Namely disabling 'Motionflow', followed by enabling 'Game Mode' seemed to have corrected this issue. I thought I'd put this information here for anyone else who runs into the issue themselves.)

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