Jan 20 2013
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PS3 freezing: Long read sorry

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So I have had my PS3 for 3 or 4 years and I have had a problem with it for a few months now.  So I never had much of a problem with it, except when I had played for like 6 hours I would have to turn it off to let it "rest" pretty sure that that is normal. But when I got Battlefield 3 in July it started acting up, like when I would exit a game and try to join another game I would hear this odd noise. Almost like the disc drive was struggling to to spin or read the disc. So I just put up with it thought that I should cut down on gaming anyway. But I recently got DMC and after every mission I would have to restart my PS3 or quit the game and it would make that odd noise again. When I would quit the game none of the XMB icons would show up, so I would restart it then (all of these things happened when I would play BF3 also). When it would completely freeze I would have to hit the power button, I would wait for the two beeps, but after like 20 minutes it wouldn't turn off so I would have to hit the switch in the back. Usually when I did this it would come up with the "Your data my be corrupted" but now sometimes it wouldn't even do that. So I don't really know what the problem is but I would like to find out and save money to repair it. Thanks for reading this.

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