Apr 19 2011
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PS3 exclusive DLC!

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DLC is a huge part of games now days, on PS3 and 360. I have noticed that the 360 gets a lot of timed exclusives...which are worthless! Why would I buy a 360 to get some DLC a month or a week before the PS3?

Timed exclusives are stupid, EXCLUSIVES are the best though

-Mafia 2 has The Beytral of Jimmy

-Mortal Kombat has Kratos

-Arkham Asylum has the Joker and lots of other DLC if I am remembering right

-Red Dead Redemption has an exclusive outfit

- An Assassins Creed Brotherhood DLC pack

What other exclusive content is there for multiplatforms on PS3? There is steam on PS3, but what about DLC?

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