Oct 08 2012
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PS3 crashes internet

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system:  PS3 Slim

internet:  Verizon Fios on wireless w/ Actiontec router



I purchased my PS3 over the summer and had no issues whatsoever.  I haven't turned it on in about a month so I tried to get on yesterday.  I needed a system update, so I ran that.. but it was going super slow and at 8% there was a network error and I lost connection.  I rebooted and ran it again, and it worked fine this time.   I tried to get on PS Home and PS Store, each time it would either not connect or connect but soon drop the connection with a network error.


I'd figure it was a PSN issue, but then after a round of these errors, I noticed the internet wasn't working on my phone/computer.  Long story short, it wasn't the router,  the ONT box had to be reset with a battery pull. 


After this was fixed and the internet came back up, I tried the PS3 again.. same thing happened. 


Anyone have any idea what's going on?

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