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Re: PS3 blocks YouTube and YouTube XL...

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Oct 17, 2012

bronxsushi wrote:

Use the link below with your PS3 to go to "Regular" YouTube. When you get to "Regular" YouTube with your PS3, sign into "Regular" YouTube with your PS3. It's like this. If you are signed into "Regular" YouTube with your PS3, then all YouTube links will take your PS3 to "Regular" YouTube. If you are NOT signed into "Regular" YouTube, then all YouTube links will take your PS3 to the "PS3 YouTube App" sign in page.

Not true (I've just checked this). The link restores full access to standard YouTube, regardless of whether you're signed into YouTube or not and is the recommended way to do so (using /terms or /videos are just workarounds that don't actually fix the problem (so external YouTube video links (on Google) work again etc)).


The PS3 will eventually forget the associated cookie (browser bug), so you'll want to either bookmark the YouTube home page loaded by link (use in place of any existing home page bookmark) or you can use PS3 Bookmarklet on app page (offers option to re-direct to same page).

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