Feb 21 2013
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PS3 Wifi extremely slow.

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Hello everyone, I am in desperate need of help with this specific model; I cannot figure out why my internet wifi is so slow.. I've been searching all over google trying to find out how to fix this issue but there is nothing covered for my specific router to even try and get faster download speeds via the wifi.

Whats even funny is that I found a chart that identifies the CECHE01 Model from 2007 (Fat PS3) Has both B/G modes available for it's wifi transmitter. I have comcast with record speeds of 32MBps Down and 6.3 mbps Upstream... so my internet is blazing fast.. so that rules out that issue: the Cable modem is being routed into a NetGear N-150 WNR1000V2 ..

. I know it's the router's wifi that is slowing it down, infact its slowing down a WIFI PC, it's got a PCI Wireless G Card.. so it should be getting 54Mbps ... not 6mbps...


The ethernet part is fine with good speeds; but the internet speed for the wifi of the PS3 is horrible averaging like 2mbps down and 3 mbps up.. which makes no sense.. sometimes the Upstream drops to 1mbps.... I have the Mode set to Up to 54Mbps b/g only .... Which is the lowest settings and I have tried everything else..

These are the options i have tried -

Up to 54 Mbps. Legacy Mode, with a maximum speed of 54 Mbps for b/g networks.
Up to 65 Mbps. Neighbor-Friendly Mode, with a maximum speed of 65 Mbps in the presence of neighboring wireless networks.
Up to 150 Mbps Mixed Mode. Performance Mode, with a maximum Wireless-N speed of 150 Mbps. Supports 11b, 11g, and 11n wireless stations.
Up to 150 Mbps g/n Mode. Performance Mode, supports 11g and 11n wireless stations only.
Up to 150 Mbps n Mode. Performance Mode, supports 11n wireless stations only.

 I remember reading another PSN forum thing about someone else having the same issue they had a LinkSys type Wifi Router - and they said something about changing the default Transmission Rate to 11 B mode .. 11Mbps speed... I have nothing like this in here.. but what I don't get is why can't I get faster speeds?..

 This thing states in the specs for this PS3s wifi is that it can Do G Mode.. shouldn't that be able to put it in 54Mbps mode G? .. or something? I don't see why its soo slow.. Please any help and instructions to get this fixed would be greatly appreciated, Sincerely, Brickstin

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