Jan 08 2013
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PS3 - Video Media Playback Focus Problem (Fuzzy)

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Hi. I've been having a bit of a problem lately that I'm dying to fix. I have, for a long time, been making music videos, family vidoes, how-to videos, cooking videos, I suppose i'm just a fan of filming stuff. I've always shown my work on my PC, but recently I got a new HDTV (40 inch Samsung LED) and decided "why not just stick these on my playstation and watch them in high def?"


The problem is, during the videos the image will be extremely sharp, crisp, and wonderful, but quickly lose focus, get blurry, and dull, then come back- about as fast as a heartbeat. Non stop, even during still frames (so motion blur isnt a problem). The playstation (A 120gb slim) has been a workhorse, no problems at all from movies, videogames, music, even youtube and looking at photos, but for some reason when watching videos on my playstation it seems to have a focus problem.


I thought maybe it was something I was doing while FILMING these videos and decided to bum my Roommate's external harddrive and test out some of his (legally mind you) saved movies and tv shows - His parents are huge into the show Dexter, which i thought would look great on my new TV. Sure enough, even those do the same thing. Some of his bigger, more fancy titles work fine, but the majority of the video files i play on my playstation fuzz, but not on my computer.


Sorry for the wall of text, but I hoped to give you all the info you'd want about the problem. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated..


More info :

      Sample of Problem File- Dexter S6E12.avi    Width/Height - 624x352, Frame Rate 23fps, Total Bitrate 1499kbps.

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Re: PS3 - Video Media Playback Focus Problem (Fuzzy)

Jan 9, 2013

because you're trying to watch SD content on an HD screen being upscaled. seeing as how your example is in SD format of 624x352 . upscaling only goes so far.

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