Mar 29 2012
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PS3 Slim blu-ray drive grinds and won't read discs

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I have a 120 GB PS3 Slim that I got in November of 2009. It has been working great with no problem for years until this week. I was watching a blu-ray (Game of Thrones) and left it in the PS3 overnight. I went to put a new blu-ray I got (Monsters vs Aliens) in, and the previous blu-ray ejected with no trouble. However when I put the new blu-ray in, the system would not read the disc although the disc symbol was spinning in the XMB menu where the clock was.

It made a grinding noise several times as it tried to read the disc. It refused to eject the disc at first, grinding it each time I pressed eject. However after pressing it for 15 seconds it smoothly force-ejected. I thought the disc would be shredded to pieces from all the noise it was making, but the disc was fine. I tested a few DVDs, Blu-rays, and PS3 games all with the same issue.

It is out of warranty but I'm willing to crack it open to see if I can fix it although I can't do extreme repairs such as soldering the motherboard. I've looked up the issue online although it's hard to find someone with my exact issue. It sounds as if the gear teeth may be mis-aligned? Or could it be the blu-ray laser/lens? Any ideas of what could be wrong and links to helpful guides for disassembly/repair would be much appreciated, thanks.

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Re: PS3 Slim blu-ray drive grinds and won't read discs

Mar 29, 2012

Could be a dirty lens, open it up and clean the lens with a q-tip + isopropyl alcohol solution.

Worst case could be a dead drive altogether.

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