Oct 22 2012
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PS3 HDMI Output Problem

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So here is the story:


I haven't been using my PS3 for quite awhile now, perhaps around a year or so. Today I fired it up only to fine that although it started fine and didn't flash any lights at me, I had no video output. I could hear the audio though. So I went through the normal routine, including switching the hdmi cable and the hdmi port on my TV. Still nothing. Just to be certain it wasn't an issue of a burnt out port or a junk cable, I then tried my working pc hdmi cable. It worked flawelessly in all the TV's HDMI ports, as did the other cables when I hooked them to my PC and TV.


Finally I plugged the PS3 into the port I normally use for my PC and it now works fine. However, it will still not work in any of the other three ports.


As I have confirmed all my cables and ports work fine, I assume this is an issue with the PS3 itself.. Any idea what could be causing this?

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