Nov 09 2012
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PS3 Disc Skipping Problem/Cleaning Recommendations

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Hello all!  Lately I've been having a problem with my PS3 where I'll be playing a game, and 25 to 30 minutes later, the disc will skip and I'll have to eject it bc a disc read error appears.  I've tried 3 other discs and it happens to each one of them, all after some 15-20 minutes.  Originally I thought that my HDD had some corrupted files, so I went to the PS3 recovery menu and rebuilt the database.  I tried playing a game again, and the problem reoccurs.  I now think that my PS3 is just getting too hot (probably bc it needs to be cleaned) and this is what is causing the disc to skip.  Is that even a possibility?  I don't really know to be honest haha.  When I eject the disc, however, it is rather hot IMO.


Well if that's the case, can anyone recommend some safe ways to clean my PS3?  I've been reading some methods and have heard that some may risk damaging the PS3 even further.  Perhaps I need to clean my fan?  It does seem to be a bit louder than it was in the past.  Or should I get a lens reader cleaner set? I think the lens is fine though since I am able to play for a good 20 minutes or so.  Thanks for the recommendations in advance!!

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